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NAM L9-FF-1 - North Sea

NAM Onegas L9-FF-1 is a Shell operated production platform, located in the Dutch sector of the Southern North Sea.

The DBB-SAVER was used in order to safely perform maintenance activities on a gas jet eductor. All three in- and outlet connections of the eductor were equipped with DB&B valves. And all three configurations had passing valves. However, by deployment of a DBB-SAVER on all three DB&B configurations simultanuously, work on the eductor could be executed according to the safety regulations and guidelines within Shell. Thereby, operation was not jeopardized and other connecting platforms were able to keep producing and transporting their gas via the L9-FF-1 via a common subsea pipeline system to onshore installations. Without the DBB-SAVER, this would not have been possible.

Specific safety risk assessments were performed in adition of the Shell Global approval document (for use of the DBB-SAVER on any of their assets) to identify any other risks in this application. The DBB-SAVER passed all requirements.

The DBB-SAVER was placed on the top deck, so the gas could be safely vented upwards. (normally, offshore the cas is led outside the topsides, which was not necessary this occasion). Full pressure rated hoses were used to connect the three bleed points, and the rupture disc connection was connected directly on the DBB-SAVER. This guaranteed no gas release within the topside modules. Important in a 3-dimensional explosion safe zoned structure, which is one of the challanges offshore.

The DBB-SAVER can be specified for offshore applications. The working principle is the same as an onshore version, but the design is adapted to the specific hook-up and conditions as experienced in an offshore environment.

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 Company:   NAM – L9-FF-1 platform
 Situation:   Repair of gas eductor
 Result:   Reduction of platform downtime and limit blowdown volume



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