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How it works

The working principle of the DBB-SAVER is based on active evacuation of the bleed volume, thereby creating a vacuum lock between two sealing surfaces, fully preventing any leakage towards the safe work area.

The bleed volume can eiter be the section between:

  1. both block valves in a classical DB&B configuration, or
  2. both seats in the body of a single valve, e.g. most ball, plug or gate valves, or
  3. any other combination of two valves in series, e.g. a block valve and (under conditions) a control valve whithout traditional isolation credits

The vacuum creates a negative pressure difference towards the safe work area. The guaranteed continuous presence of the vacuum in the bleed section makes leakage to the safe working area physically impossible.

Especially,  options 2) and 3) above open a whole new range of possible safe isolations, impossible before the existence of the DBB-SAVER technology.

The vacuum is automatically controlled and monitored. The DBB-SAVER is completely fail safe. In case the leakage exceeds the capacity of the DBB-SAVER, an alarm will be raised. The alarm will be audible and visable on the location of the leaking valve, but also via remote data transfer on the safe work place and on a separate alarm monitor in the operator control room. The alarm can even be made available via the “Internet of Things” to anybody anywhere, regardless of their location in the world.

Reference projects

Operational experiences with the DBB-SAVER

NAM UGS Norg (1)

Repair of equipment on wellhead field pipeline

TAQA Gas Storage

Extreme leak rate under control

NAM Tjuchem

Safe working on gas transfer station

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