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How it works

The working principle of the DBB-SAVER makes leakage to the safe working area physically impossible. It works by creating, maintaining and monitoring of a vacuum in the bleed section in a classical Double Block & Bleed configuration but also can be deployed in most Single Valve Isolations.

The bleed volume can eiter be the section between:

  1. both block valves in a classical DB&B configuration, or
  2. both seats in the body of a single valve, e.g. most ball, plug or gate valves, or
  3. any other combination of isolating device, like baloons, mud plugs, control valves, etc.

We are not greasing or sealing and do not affect the condition or the performance of the valve whatsoever. It is a temporary solution only for the duration of the downstream maintenance works when the valves are locked closed.

The DBB-SAVER is completely fail safe. In case the in-line leakage exceeds the capacity of the DBB-SAVER, an alarm will be raised. The alarm will be audible and visable on the location of the leaking valve, but also via wireless remote data transfer on the safe work place and on a separate alarm monitor in the control room.


Our method has been Shell approved, for worldwide use on all of their assets. Also other major Oil and Gas companies have approved our unique method. Interested? Please contact us for more information.

Reference projects

Operational experiences with the DBB-SAVER

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Neptune Energy L10-A

Safe work behind 36" riser valve

Santos GLNG

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