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Liquified gasses

The DBB-SAVER can also be applied on systems containing (cryogene or pressurized) liquified gasses that become gaseous under atmospheric conditions.

The standard DBB-SAVER will be connected to a Liquid Removal Skid. This Liquid Removal Skid is then connected to the drain connection of the Double Block & Bleed or Single Valve configuration of the customers installation.

The Liquid Removal Skid is sized, dependent on the customers max. leak rate specification and communicates with the PLC of the DBB-SAVER. With the right sizing of the Liquid removal Skid, the operational uptime is in theory unlimited.

Liquid Removal Skid

In case the DBB-SAVER is used on a system containing liquified gas, there are two possibilities how the gas is liquified:

  1. Cryogene (liquified by cooling)
  2. Pressurized (liquified by pressurization)

To become gasious again, temperature needs to be raised (for cryogene types) or pressure needs to be dropped (for pressurized types). In the later, also the temperature drops due to adiabatic expansion, and droplets might be formed again.

In both cases, a Liquid Removal Skid will be connected between the DBB-SAVER and the drain point (between two block valves or the body cavity drain of a single valve). The Liquid Removal Skid is will make sure all liquids are fully gassified, before entering the inlet of the DBB-SAVER. This prevents the venting of liquid gas or droplets at the vent pipe of the DBB-SAVER.

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