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The DBB-SAVER was used to perform safe hot work (welding) on a leaking heat exchanger. The medium was liquid, cryogenic Carbon Monoxide (CO). This medium is lethally toxic and cumbustable already in small concentrations. The temperature of the medium was for the purpose raised from -182 to -170 C to become gaseous.

By application of the DBB-SAVER a negative dP was created over the incoming and outgoing single isolation valves, which made safe working possible. There was no other alternative other then shutting down and heating up to Tamb conditions of the cold destillation column, which otherwise would have caused 4 days of no production plus additional cost of starting up

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 Company:   Ari Liquide Botlek Rotterdam – Rozenburg Hyco plant (H2 and CO)
 Situation:   Repair of leaking heat exchanger
 Result:   Avoicance of 4 day plant shutdown plus associated start-up cost



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