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Offshore application

The DBB-SAVER can be used both onshore and offshore. For offshore, there are some differences in the design compared to the onshore versions:

  1. Vent outlet exhaust pipe can be replaced for a hose to lead the bleed gas far outside the topsides or to a flare
  2. Explosion safe housing of electric components is made of salt water resistent material
  3. Wireless communication cannot make use of regular mobile networks and will be adapted according to the clients specification
  4. Splash water protection by closed side and top panels, whereas the onshore version is open
  5. Hoisting possible with lifting eyes on top of the frame work possible, based on the clients requirements

Safety enhancement:
Venting the bleed flow via a hose to safe location is common practise offshore with a conventional, standard, non-active bleed also. This makes it very difficult (or impossible) to monitor the bleed leakage periodically during execution of the job at the safe work area. The DBB-SAVER however, will continuously monitor the bleed, while maintaining a vacuum in the bleed volume. A significant improvement in safety level !

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