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Services provided by Valvetight

Valvetight is not a tools-only company, but aims to provide a complete solution package for our customers to battle their passing valves.

The services we provide are:

  • Rental Services:
    DBB-SAVER’s can be rented on a day-rate basis. When renting a machine, Valvetight always supplies personnel to hook-up and operate the tool.
  • Leasing Services:
    For customers who deploy the DBB-SAVER on a regular basis, there is an option to have the DBB-SAVER available for a multi-year period at a fixed, attractive price per year. It offers unlimited use of the DBB-SAVER within the company and also we offer to train your own operators to become independent on Valvetight’s Supervisors and  save more cost there.
  • Consultancy Services:
    We assist customers during the work preparation phase to select the right tool and hook-up configuration for the job at hand. We can assist you remotely or perform a site survey together with your operators/engineers.
  • E-learning:
    We have a e-learning module that aids with your operator training to understand the basic physics and the specifics of the DBB-SAVER technology. This enables us to do remote training as well. The e-learning module is suitable for both first time DBB-SAVER operators and refreshers.