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When to use the DBB-SAVER

The DBB-SAVER is used when maintenance work has to be executed on a piece of equipment, whilst bordering installation parts remain pressurized and available for operations.

This piece of equipment has to be isolated. This is done by valves. Sometimes, valves are only the initial isolation, which makes it possible to safely place blind flanges afterwards.

Either when working on the equipment directly behind the isolation valves or when placing a blind flange, the isolation valves should not have a leak rate beyond the companies pre-defined standards to ensure a safe working place. In case of explosive and/or toxic media the standard is often tight shut off (TSO), which means zero leakage.

The valves can be in a Double Block & Bleed configuration or in a Single Valve configuration (like the example in the picture). In practice, regrettably, the valves often leak beyond the companies maximum standard. The appliance of a DBB-SAVER guarantees a safe work place, even if the valve(s) are passing heavily. Without any modifications to the valves themselves, for the full duration of the job.

Besides mitigating the leakage for 100%, the DBB-SAVER will monitor the bleed section automatically every second, instead of an operator checking them every shift or so. The human factor and the subjective assessment of the leak rate is taken out of the equation, and the DBB-SAVER does all the work with regards to the periodical checks. So, even when the valves are not leaking, the appliance of a DBB-SAVER is beneficial to ensure a safe work place for the workers on the downstream equipment without compromise!

After the maintenance is finished, the DBB-SAVER can be disconnected and easily stored in the warehouse. The size of the DBB-SAVER is 1200x800mm (europallet size) so fits in most racks. Deviating sizes available on request.

Please refer to the “how it works” section to learn more on the working principle…

Business cases

Operational experiences with the DBB-SAVER

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