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NAM gas production location Tjuchem

NAM is a Dutch Oil & Gas E&P company, operated by Shell. One of the valves at the NAM Tjuchem station, one of the production locations in the Dutch Groningen gas field, was leaking.

The DBB-SAVER was used to fully prevent leakage through a double acting gate valve (the valve with TAG nr. V-435 in the background of the photo), located on the gas transfer station where the produced gas is measured and transferred to the Dutch national gas grid operator Gasunie. The body cavity of the valve was connected to the DBB-SAVER which handeled the in-line leak rate of 400 litres/min. easily.

The challenge in this case was the small diameter and relative long body cavity vent pipe:

  1. the weight of the T-piece and rupture disc would cause too high stress on the vent pipe. Therefore we used a full pressure rating hose to connect the T-piece and the body cavity vent pipe. The T-piece was mounted on a tripod. Problem solved
  2. the small diameter vent bore creates a restriction, which might not transfer the full vacuum into the very voluminous valve body cavity. This problem was mitigated by a special functionality in the software of the DBB-SAVER, which in this case has proven its value
  3. the long, small diameter vent bore can become blocked, e.g. by hydrate formation or dirt. Another function of the DBB-SAVER is to detect a blocked bleed connection. The DBB-SAVER blocked bleed detection prevents a blocked bleed being left undetected.

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  Company:   NAM
  Situation:   Planned maintenance
  Result:   No necessity for further upstream boundary isolation and plant shutdown



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