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Minimizing leakage of a valve

Gascade is one of the main German Gas Grid Operators. At their Compressor Station in Rehden there was an issue with one of the valves, which had audible internal leakage.

A DBB-SAVER was connected which was switched in control mode, thereby it is swithing on and off at preset vacuum levels. By finding a new closed position by adjustment of the actuators end stops, whilst monitoring the pressure build-up and the switching interval of the DBB-SAVER, prevention of gas loss was achieved.

By knowing the volume of the bleed section (in this case the bore of the ball valve, + est. 10% for surrounding body cavity volume, + the volume of the connecting hose, in combination with the on and off vacuum setpoints and interval time of the DBB-SAVER, also the exact leak rate could be established in litres/min. before and afer the job.

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 Company:   Gascade Rehden – NEL Gas Transport Pipeline
 Situation:   Gas bypass around fiscal metering, losing unpaid gas
 Result:   Repositioning of zero position of valve, minimizing loss of gas



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