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1 What information does Valvetight collect

1.1 Cookies

Cookies are small text files that are saved via your visit to a website on the device that you use to view, so that the device can be recognized. You can find more information about switching cookies on and off and deleting them in the settings of your browser. Cookies that are used to map web behavior can be removed centrally via For more information and practical explanation about cookies, see point 4; Cookies.

1.2 Contact details

You can leave your contact details on The contact details you send us will be sent to us via email. This will be limited to a name, e-mail and telephone number and is only intended to contact you in case of interest or a question.

2 Links to websites

On the reference page (s) of links to the website of our customers are shown. We have no control over the content of such websites and are not responsible for this customer or their policies and practices. We advise you to read the privacy policy of these websites, because their procedures regarding the collection, handling and processing of personal data may differ from ours.

3 Processing and transfer of personal information by third parties

We use external companies for the technical implementation of and our services. These companies are processors for the personal data for which we are responsible. By using the website, you are accepting this Policy and you agree that we allow the data for which you are responsible to be processed by the same processors as well. The processors should only act in accordance with our instructions. By accepting this Policy, you give us permission to give instructions to the processors to process data in accordance with the Policy and for the benefit of using Valvetight has taken technical and organizational measures to prevent personal information from being unintentionally or illegally destroyed, lost or compromised and to prevent the information being disclosed to unauthorized persons, being misused or being processed in other ways in violation of the Law on the Processing of Personal Data. At your request – and possibly in exchange for a possible compensation at the applicable hourly rates of the processors, which at all times apply to such work – the processors must provide you with sufficient information to demonstrate that the aforementioned technical and organizational security measures have been taken. By using the website you are agreeing to this Privacy Policy and you accept the processing of data.

4 Cookies uses cookies and similar technologies (“Cookies”). By using, you accept that we use Cookies, as described below.

4.1 What types of cookies do we use?

Cookies are small pieces of information that places on the hard drive of your computer, your tablet or your smartphone. Cookies contain information that uses to make the communication between you and your web browser more efficient. Cookies identify your computer instead of you as an individual user. We use session cookies and permanent cookies, and technologies that are similar to session cookies and permanent cookies. Session cookies are temporary pieces of information that are deleted when you close your web browser. Permanent cookies are more durable pieces of information that are stored and stored on your computer until they are deleted. Permanent cookies delete themselves after a certain period of time but are renewed each time you visit

4.2 Use of cookies by Valvetight

Cookies are used on the website of Valvetight. An overview of the different types of cookies that we use on our website can be found below.

4.2.1 Functional and technical

Cookies that are necessary to enable the website to function properly and to provide the requested service via our website.

4.2.2 Analytical

Cookies to measure the use of the website, with which data we can improve the quality and functioning of our website.

4.2.3 Google Analytics

Google cookies for the use of Google Analytics, a web analytics service. For these analytical cookies and the possible data that Google collects with them, we refer you to the privacy statement of Google. We also point to the optout option for Google Analytics:

4.2.4 Online Success Logger

This cookie contains a unique randomly generated value that enables Online Success (software) to distinguish website visitors. When you as a website visitor make yourself known via an interaction on our site (for example by filling in a form), Online Success links this cookie to the data that you have left behind in this interaction. We do not use cookies for companies recognizing Online Success.

4.2.4 Intercom Cookies

To keep the continuity of conversations about all our subdomains while users are logged in, we place a cookie in the user’s browser. This cookie automatically expires after one week. When the user closes the chat, the cookie is immediately deleted. This also immediately removes the call history.

4.3 Logout tracking cookies

We also point out the possibility of unsubscribing for tracking cookies from third parties on the log-off page of the Network Advertising Initiative:

5 Access, correction and removal

5.1 Access to information about your personal data

If you wish, you can contact us to know the purpose of your processed personal data; below you can understand which personal information we have about you; who receives your personal information and where the personal information is managed.

5.2 Correction and deletion of your personal data

Please let us know if personal information that we, as responsible, process about you is incorrect or misleading and we will correct it for you. You can at any time have content and personal information on for which you have the responsible person corrected or removed. If personal information changes, or if you no longer want to be on, you can have the information updated or deleted by contacting Valvetight.

6 Changes to the Privacy Policy

We can change this Privacy Policy at any time. The date displayed at the beginning of this Privacy Policy indicates when it was last updated. Changes take effect when we place the revised Privacy policy You agree that your further use of after your changes will constitute your acceptance of the new version of the Privacy policy.

7 Questions about this Privacy Policy

If you have any questions or concerns about our Privacy policy, how we process your personal information, or if you wish us to correct your personal information, please contact us via the following contact form on our website