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Air Liquide Rotterdam

Air Liquide have their own dedicated DBB-SAVER available in their warehouse in Rotterdam.

Their DBB-SAVER is used during turn arounds and regular unplanned maintenance activities to make sure safety is increased and work can be performed as planned despite leaking valves. Also, the DBB-SAVER can be used to find possibilities to safely isolate systems,  making use of valves which normally can’t contribute in a valve isolation configuration (e.g. control valves), or make a connection with the body cavity of a single valve of the wedged gate type, as widely used on their plant.

The DBB-SAVER prevents bordering installation parts having to be shut down and depressurized, whilst maximizing Safety at the same time. The prevention of human intervention and subjective observation of bleed leakage once per shift was also an important factor to install the DBB-SAVER, as the DBB-SAVER monitors the bleed condition each second in stead of once per operator shift.

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 Company:   Air Liquide Botlek Rotterdam – Rozenburg Hyco plant (H2 and CO)
 Situation:   Turn around and unplanned repair situations
 Result:   Increase remaining plant availability i.c.w. increased level of safety



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