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Safe pig receiver access

Santos GLNG is a joint venture operated by the Australian energy company Santos. The other partners are Petronas, Total and Kogas. Santos GLNG produces gas in the Surat and Bowen Basins in Eastern Queensland, Australia. The gas is piped to a LNG plant on Curtis Island, just off the Queensland coast from Gladstone, where the gas is liquified and shipped.

In pipeline maintenance, ‘pigging’ refers to the use of pipeline inspection tools (pigs) to perform operations on a pipeline without stopping the flow of gas. The pig is inserted in the pipeline and pushed down the pipe until it reaches the receiving trap – the ‘pig catcher’. At the end of the 420 km pipeline, feeding the GLNG plant, is a pig receiver.

Efficiently and safely opening the receiver to unload the ‘pigs’ was hampered by passing valves of both 42″ main line and 24″ kicker line. Furthermore, the gas is treated with glycol and the bleed points were low point drains, so besides the DBB-SAVER vacuum unit, the liquid KO equipment was required as well.

The DBB-SAVER started deployment in 2020 and will stay with GLNG for the duration of the pigging campaign until 2022.

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Santos GLNG


 Company:   Santos GLNG
 Situation:   Safe pig receiver trap opening
 Result:   Prevention of production losses during pigging campaign



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