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56" Single Valve isolation in a Gas Transport Pipeline

The OPAL Pipeline (or: Baltic Sea Pipeline Link) connects the Nord Stream pipeline via Germany, with the Czech Republic. The diameter is 56″ (1400 mm) at a design pressure of 100 bar and is operated by Gascade. Gascade is a JV between Gazprom and Wintershall and is one of the main German Gas Grid Operators.

One of the valves was passing heavily, and Valvetight was requested to propose a solution. We developped a DBB-SAVER able to deal with the leak rate, with some sensible margin, and deployed this on the underground 56″ ball valve in the Gräbendorf valve station. The DBB-SAVER was connected on the 2″ drain connection of the valve, in order to create vacuum in the body cavity. The DBB-SAVER performed the job as per design, and provided a safe work area to execute activities in the downstream pipeline.

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 Company:   OPAL Gas Transport Pipeline – Gascade
 Situation:   Heavy leakage of a large bore Single Isolation Valve
 Result:   Providing a safe work area downstream of the valve



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