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Shell Shearwater - Central North Sea

Shearwater is a Shell UK owned and operated production platform, located in the Central North Sea sector of the UK. (https://www.shell.co.uk/business-customers/upstream-oil-and-gas-infrastructure/north-sea-operated-assets.html)

The DBB-SAVER was used in order to safely replace a flow meter in the export gas system, connecting the platform via the subsea pipeline system to onshore installations. There ws a DBB valve configuration, of which both valves were found to be passing.

Safety risk assessments were performed in adition of the Shell Global approval document (for use of the DBB-SAVER on any of their assets) to identify any other risks in this specific application, on that specific platform.

The outlet of the DBB-SAVER was led outside the topsides to a safe area via full diameter hoses, the rupture disc connection was connected to the platform central flare system. This guaranteed no gas release within the topside modules. Important in a 3-dimensional explosion safe zoned structure, which is one of the challanges offshore.

The DBB-SAVER can be specified for offshore applications. The working principle is the same as an onshore version, but the design is adapted to the specific hook-up and conditions as experienced in an offshore environment.

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 Company:   Shell UK – Shearwater platform
 Situation:   Replacement of export gas flow meter
 Result:   Reduction of platform downtime and limit blowdown volume



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